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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | December 14, 2017

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E-Cigarettes As An Alternative To Smoking

E-Cigarettes As An Alternative To Smoking

Vapor Cigarettes Now Offer An Alternative For Smokers

I myself am a smoker. Been smoking a long time and I’ve never been ashamed by it, and I really enjoy every different aspect of smoking. Not just the nicotine itself, but the taste, the experience, the social aspect, and much more. It makes me jealous to look back on history and see how good smokers had it back in the day, being able to smoke just about anywhere. There are real risks associated with smoking and as a result, being a smoker has now made you an outcast, not allowed to partake in your pleasure anywhere public anymore due to harmful second hand smoke. It’s the way it is and I’ve grown fine with it. In my opinion it should be the shop owners choice, but thats another story. I’m not here to argue that smoking is good for you or anything like that. The problem is though as a smoker, finding an alternative that doesn’t have the harmful second hand effects that can be used in public besides chewing tobacco, which so happens just isn’t my cup of tea.

Sure I could just quit. Nothing wrong with that. But as I mentioned earlier, I enjoy smoking. It’s not that I’m just addicted. I like it, have no intrest of quitting, and I get the freedom to choose to do it so whatever. So what to do when stuck on a plane or chillin at a bar where I can’t smoke? Well now there is a decent alternative called the electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes use a battery to heat liquid containing nicotine to produce vapor which is inhaled like a traditional cigarette. I call it an alternative, because if you are a true smoker, like myself, you won’t find it as fulfilling as a real tobacco cigarette, but it will satisfy nicotine cravings that may hit when stuck somewhere you can’t smoke and it’s not going to piss off the people around you as much as tobacco will.


Are E-Cigarettes Healthy For You?

Let’s be real. Nothing you put into your body like this that contains nicotine is going to be healthy. Don’t fool yourself, it doesn’t contain any vitamins or anything nutritional. But, is this as bad for you as smoking is? Probably not, but the jury is still out on that. Replacing conventional cigarettes with e-cigarettes and similar devices could appear to be reducing harm from cigarettes, and a body of evidence is developing to support this. E-cigarettes are not regulated like cigarettes by the FDA so the ingredients and amounts of nicotine contained in each different brand of e-cigarette seem to vary.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is very much concerned over the use of e-cigarettes though because in 2009 the agency did an analysis of two leading brands and found several potentially dangerous chemicals inside. There hasn’t been done any research in terms of the long-term risks from some of these chemicals yet. And to complicate things further, we really don’t know everything that’s in the different vapor fluids from the different companies. This will all change with expected upcoming regulation. In addition to water, the e-cigs typically contain vegetable glycerine, artificial flavoring and sometimes, propylene glycol, which is also found in asthma inhalers. I’m guessing that studies will find that it’s not as bad for you as tobacco smoking, but it is by no means healthy.


Should Vapor Cigarettes Be Banned?

Absolutely not. That notion is just ridiculous. And I’m talking about banning in general as well as banning in places smoking is currently banned. Until more studies have been done, there is no way to know or not what the second hand effects are. I would venture a guess that smelling some vapor fumes is no more unhealthy for you as smelling someones cologne or perfume but I’m not a scientist. That’s all it is, a guess or theory. You can’t ban something based on a theory. A shop owner should have the right to allow or disallow certain activities in their own place of business. If a restaurant wants to ban vapor cigarettes in their shop while the bar next door allows it, that is the American way and should be their right. If you don’t like it, then don’t go to places that allow it. Vote with your wallet, but don’t take it away from everyone else just because you don’t like it.


I Take It You’ve Tried Them… What Do You Think?

Why yes indeed, I have tried them. What kind of article would this be if I hadn’t at least tried the frickin things… I tried the V4L brand, who happens to be an advertiser on the site. Myself personally I don’t see myself switching over to these 100%, but I definitely see myself using them occasionally when going out to eat, the movies, or restaurants. They are very strong, and you feel the nicotine buzz almost right after the first hit. So far I have tried the 36mg strength. (That’s the amount of nicotine) You don’t need to hit it as much as smoking an entire cig to get the lion off of the back either. 4 or 5 puffs and your good. It’s not enough for people across the room to even know you are doing it. People close to you will probably smell the aroma.

The V4L site has a crazy amount of flavors to choose from… Something in the range of 110! Picking a few to try is actually a bit of a nightmare and slightly overwhelming. They have a couple sampler packs, but they barely scratch the surface of the offerings. One of the problems is not overdoing it and getting to much nicotine into your body. Because a cigarette burns down to the butt, you have a definitive point of being finished with the activity. I found myself getting a headache a couple of different times from overdoing it a little. Once you figure out how to pace yourself, you’re good to go.

Another little problem I have with them is I find myself tasting the residue in my mouth much longer then you would taste a cigarette after finishing one. This kinda bothers me a little but is ok when it’s not a heavy flavor like vanilla or the tobacco flavors. The sweeter juices like the cotton candy or pink lemonade are my favorites. They are pretty tasty after a good meal too. A lot of it is going to be personal preference though. If you gonna get a starter kit, I suggest getting a sampler pack of some rich flavors, and a sample pack with some of the sweeter flavors, and you can go from there. Otherwise, you’ll spend hours trying to pick out individual ones.


Options Are A Good Thing

It’s nice to know that there are options out there for us smokers to turn to when they can’t smoke a cigarette itself. Also for those looking to quit, they might find something like an e-cig helpful when doing so as you can control the amount of nicotine when buying the flavors. Start off strong and work yourself down till your at none. Game over. Like everything in life, use your own judgement when deciding if it is safe enough to put into your body, and as you would anything else use in moderation. We’re not going to live forever (or maybe we just will!) so you may as well enjoy the time you have. Don’t die with any regrets, that’s my motto.

Options are always a good thing. And if using vapor cigarettes is your thing good for you. I think variety is the spice of life. With how far vaporizing has come in the last few years it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether using it as an alternative to smoking cigarettes or as a smoking cessation aid e-cigarettes have made their mark and you are only going to see their popularity continue to rise. And who knows… Although highly unlikely, science may just find out that using e-cigarettes allows you to live to be 300 years old. As I mentioned before, the jury is still out and no major research has been done to make any radical judgements just yet. So fuck it… Vape up and enjoy!

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


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