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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | December 14, 2017

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Area 51 - Separating The Facts From The Fanboy Fiction

Area 51 – Separating The Facts From The Fanboy Fiction

Secrecy & Speculation: The Game of Infamous Area 51

Area-51. Just the name itself conjures up great visions of aliens, UFO spacecraft, men in black, and the ultimate government conspiracy. Why does it bring up these sorts of thoughts? We’ll get into that later but lets look at Area 51 itself first. Run by the US Air Force, Area 51 is located just off of Groom Lake in Nevada and is called the Nevada Test and Training Range. It’s a 6000 square mile classified government high security military installation and is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. From what we know, it was and still is used to test and develop new experimental type aircraft. Famous aircraft like the U2 spy plane, the A-12 (the precursor to the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane), the F1-17 Stealth Fighter, and the drones flying around in todays theaters of conflict were all alleged products of Area 51.

Because someone does not deny an accusation does not mean that said accusation is accurate. In magic for example, there is something called a misdirect. If you can direct your audiences attention to something other than the thing you don’t want them to see, the better chance you have of pulling that trick off. Speculate all you want about how they did their trick, but a magician never reveals his secret. If people think all this crazy shit about Area 51, is that a bad thing for someone wanting to test a new different kind of aircraft? For obvious reasons, the US government needed to keep those famous aircraft projects secret from the enemies of America at that time. What better place to test these aircraft then a remote testing facility with so much crazy speculation surrounding it?


Government Secrets Will Always Have Conspiracy Theories

Life is such a complex thing that people have tried for millennia to come up with a meaning behind it. The simple concept of eat, sleep, reproduce, and die but make the most of it is not enough for many. The imaginative human brain has the ability to conjure up all sorts of magnificent stories to help people put together a puzzle that makes sense to them, and make them feel at peace with their existence. The idea of aliens visiting our planet and government conspiracies are fueled by this. These are all ideas I’ll discuss and expand on later in future articles, but for the time being lay out a blueprint to my logic. For those people who can’t understand science, a belief in something like aliens becomes something attractive and it gets their motor going.

When something is labeled secret or classified, it makes it intriguing to us. Why is it a secret? What don’t they want us to know? People with similar beliefs are drawn together and groups like UFO hunters are formed to investigate these things. The Internet is a medium that allows all of these ideas to be shared and urban legends grown. The adrenaline rush of investigating something like aliens and Area 51, which was labeled a secret by the government, and the camaraderie shared between the individuals doing this research is a powerful thing. I mean who doesn’t want to be part of something, especially something amazing? It is really easy to me to see how people get sucked into this curiosity. Area 51 is the perfect sort of thing to hit the g-spot for these sorts of people. And when there are secrets, people are always going to make shit up.


Even Though It’s A Secret Here Is What We Do Know

As projects become declassified we can start to put together a picture of what Area 51 really is, and what is really done there. We do know that every single day, unmarked aircraft transport between 1000-1500 workers from Las Vegas to Area 51 and back again. We know that some people who have come forward who actually worked in Area 51 in the past have said they only worked on projects like the U2 and A-12 and never saw any sort of work being done on flying saucers or alien bodies. When Area 51 was chosen as the testing site for the A-12, a new 8,500-foot runway had to be built and to not to draw attention, contractors worked under cover of night. U2 planes when being tested flew at 2,200 mph, and it took pilots a whopping 186 miles to make a u-turn! Various space equipment, including land rovers and life support systems, were tested by the astronauts at the adjoining nuclear testing grounds for the Apollo space missions.

Now the picture is starting to come into focus a little clearer. These things happening at Area 51 are pretty amazing things. Each one of them when put into context was revolutionary for the time and not something people had seen before. For outsiders to see these things happening in the skys around Area 51 while trying to catch a glimpse of what is going on in there without any knowledge of what they are seeing, the mind is going to see what it wants to see. Area 51 is simply a place Air Force and various contractors can go when they want to test something in secrecy and without the public knowledge.

Now I’m not saying I don’t believe there is life out there somewhere in the galaxy, but I will say pretty confidently that there is no real authentic scientific proof of extraterrestrials visiting our planet. I do actually believe there is life out there. I think Stephen Hawkings summed it up pretty well though with his thoughts on the subject matter. If life from another planet did visit us, we’d all know about it, and it probably wouldn’t be a good thing.


Thank Hollywood For Area 51 As The Public Views It

Hollywood and the media as a public influencer is crazy powerful. So powerful in fact that whatever the latest movies are churning out in regards to aliens is eerily similar to what people report happening to them in real life. The look of aliens changes over the years in Hollywood just as they do in peoples reports who have “seen them” in real life. In the 50’s people reported the “Greys” and the descriptions were just like what they were seeing in the comic books and movies of the time. In the 80’s and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET, people would report seeing the flying saucers with the bright lights.

So what we have here is real life imitating art. It’s kinda romantic in a retarded sort of way. People influenced by what they see in movies and on television want to have the same sort of fantastic X-Files type experiences in real life. (Except for the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, that movie was a fucking disaster, am i right? Who would want to relive that one…) Most of what a lot of people think about Area 51 is just the information they gleaned from movies like Independence Day. That is why your brain goes there when the subject is broached. It’s what Hollywood has trained you to think.


So Heading Into Conclusion…

As long as the government keeps Area 51 classified, people are going to guess and make up bullshit storys as to what they think is going on there. Now there very well may lay the possibility of alien proof at area 51. I don’t know for sure, just as anyone else who has not worked there does not know. That’s the whole idea of a secret. However, using a little bit of logic and rational thought one can begin to see beyond that secret. When the government can misdirect the public with stories about aliens and UFO’s then the real military airplane sort of secrets stay safe. Let’s be real for a moment, secrets are hard to keep, especially the big fucking juicy ones.

If you really  think that all those people who have worked at Area 51 over the last half century or so knew something so magnificent and life changing like proof of alien life and not a single one ever said anything to anyone letting the secret out then you don’t live in a world of rational thought and you and I are never going to see eye to eye or understand one another. Yes that was a long sentence but it’s true. Bill Clinton and his oral adventures in the oval office couldn’t be kept a secret. The NSA spying on citizens couldn’t be kept a secret. Watergate wasn’t even kept a secret. The dirt will always get leaked. We’ve got nothing substantiated from Area 51 but some bad ass airplanes and some wack shit to help us land on the moon. How so very disappointing.

If you want to believe that aliens have visited this planet, you are going to find some sort of “proof” that satisfies your curiosity. You are going to assimilate with people who are like minded, and together you’ll form theories on what you think. You will allow things like Area 51 to be a catalyst to your fantasies. You will paint an entire picture with backstory and the whole 9 yards. But you are going to be doing it with blinders on. Blinders to the fact that science is king and like Bigfoot and the Lochness monster, science has no proof of alien life on earth. I say save all the fantasies for the movies. Until the dark overlord science tells me differently, I’m going to stick to the truth.

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


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