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Stuff from the tech world that we find and stamp as important…

Volvo’s Magnetic Roads Might Make Self-driving Cars Viable

By: Jordan Perch | April 14, 2014

Volvo is one of the car makers that have been putting a lot of effort into the development of autonomous driving technology, along with Toyota, Nissan, and General Motors, as well as tech company Google. The Swedish automaker hopes to become a leader in…Read More

Social Media & Its Role In The Recent Surge Of Atheism

By: Chris Munzenrider | April 2, 2014 | One Comment

There is no denying anymore that atheism is becoming more and more accepted as well as adopted by society today. It’s all happening rather quickly too. Not very not long ago the simple act of saying you were atheist could have resulted in execution or being…Read More

Avatar Inspired BioEngineered Glowing Plants Set For Sale

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 31, 2014

Reality catches up to sci-fi with the glowing plant. Kickstarter has brought us some pretty neat stuff recently but this one is truly a first. Inspired by the movie Avatar, a group setup a Kickstarter campaign to bring bio-luminescence to plants in a way nature has…Read More

Do Medical Advancements Halt Human Evolution?

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 27, 2014

Has the process of human evolution been disrupted? I’ve been thinking pretty deeply about evolution quite a bit the last week or so after watching the second episode of Cosmos. It really got me pondering a lot about how we got to where we are currently…Read More

Google Making Investment In The Future Of Robotics

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 20, 2014

Google is poised to become the leader in robotics. Google has always been one to put their money where their mouth is and with the recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics, the creators of the Internet viral sensation robot BigDog, Google has set themselves…Read More

Science On The Verge of Eradicating HIV & AIDS

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 6, 2014

20 years ago on March the 4th, my uncle Steven Munzenrider succumbed to his battle with AIDS. It was about 2 years from the time he was diagnosed to the time he passed away. I was 16 years old at the time, and about a week before he passed, I traveled…Read More

A Mind-Controlled Bionic Hand With Sense Of Touch

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 17, 2014

About 9 years ago 36 year old Dennis Aabo Sorensen from Denmark lost his left hand and some of his arm in a fireworks accident. Today, he is “feeling” objects again thanks to a robotic hand that is controlled by his mind and allows him the sense of…Read More

E-Cigarettes As An Alternative To Smoking

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 8, 2014

Vapor cigarettes now offer a decent alternative to smokers. I myself am a smoker. Been smoking a long time and I’ve never been ashamed by it, and I really enjoy every different aspect of smoking. Not just the nicotine itself, but the taste, the experience, the…Read More

Taking A Look At The One And Only Kindle Paperwhite

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 6, 2014

After some use I thought I’d review the Kindle Paperwhite. I want to just start out this review by saying that ever since the advent of e-readers several years ago, I have been a staunch advocate of sticking to reading real physical books. I love the touch and…Read More

Bitcoin Start-Up Founder Caught Money Laundering

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 3, 2014

More fallout from the black market website “Silk Road”. There are multiple levels to fucking up in life these days. You can fuck up bad, you can fuck up royal, and you can fuck up big time. I’m sure there are more, and that’s only a few but that is neither here…Read More

The Internet Disillusionment: Snobbery or Enlightenment?

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 1, 2014

I think we’ve all seen those occasional announcements on our Facebook feeds more or less stating “it’s not you it’s me” or the why I’m leaving Facebook laundry list. Reasons for leaving are varied from feeling like it’s a waste of time, to consciously…Read More