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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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Mother Russia - Hatin' on the Gays

Mother Russia – Hatin’ on the Gays
Shelby Hawkins

Russia Just Really Seems To Love Flirting With Controversy

The Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia are just getting underway but the legendary event has been generating its fair share of stories outside of the sports world long before the games ever began. Aside from the less than ideal facility conditions athletes and members of the press have been complaining about on social media, President Putin’s brash and public disapproval of the gay community within his own country and abroad has been a major distraction leading up to the games.

During this past summer Putin enacted a law allowing Russian police forces to arrest any tourists our foreign nationals on suspect of being gay and detain them for up to two weeks in jail. Several days later to add insult to injury he banned gay couples in Russia from adopting children, as well as the adoption of children originating from marriage equality countries. Finally to place a cherry atop this mess Putin also passed a bill classifying any “homosexual propaganda” as pornography. This essentially means that any Russian citizen making any sort of vague pro-gay statement could be subject to fines and arrest. Big gay brother is always watching!

Hearing about the protests in Europe prior to the Olympics and concern over gay athletes traveling to compete, I have been watching media coverage of the events with a hyper awareness of anything seeming a little…ahem, gay. Watching the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics was a lot like being on the outside of an inside joke, just smile and nod. It began with a Russian girl’s journey through the Cyrillic alphabet and ended with a very selective voyage through the countries history colorful history. Never mind the Stalin era purges, Cold War fiasco, and gay bashing bits. The whole production was done in a very arty-stylized manner and with unmistakable Russian flair. There was one bit however that really caught my eye and that I am going to have to call out. Behold the Red Army Remix:



No, You Heard Correctly They Are Singing “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk

The whole thing is very reminiscent of a performance by the Village People and had me waiting on the edge of my seat for the moment when they would strip off their identical military outfits to reveal “sexy cop” G-String, clad uniforms and boisterously whirl their cuffs throughout the air, whilst chanting in unison “we’re up all night to get lucky!” So I’m calling your bluff Putin, this is the most suspiciously homoerotic spectacle I’ve seen in a long while. If arresting gays is your jam I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and start with your own police force! Savvy?

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