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The best stories from the wonderful world of science…

Beekeepers Battling “The Flying Dead” & Zombie Bees

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 31, 2014

Vermont bees infected by fly eggs exhibit zombie traits. Jeez, honeybees just can’t catch a break. Bee populations in the United States have been dwindling the last few years due to different environmental factors, and some even say are on the slow path to…Read More

Debunking The Near Death Experience (NDE)

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 29, 2014

Here we look at understanding the near death experience event. I would like to start this off by defining the Near Death Experience (NDE for short) for this articles sake as the witnessing of ones own self leaving their body and floating away or going through…Read More

Is It Possible For Humans To Achieve Immortality?

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 23, 2014

Ponce De Leon spent most of his life looking for the fountain of youth but never found it. Maybe it’s because he was looking for a place or something that already existed, and never thought of looking into what it would take to create the conditions himself. Probably…Read More