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Taking A Look At The One And Only Kindle Paperwhite

Taking A Look At The One And Only Kindle Paperwhite
Shelby Hawkins

Review Overview



The Kindle Paperwhite offers something for everyone! With a huge library of books at your fingertips, dive into the story of your choice with a single tap!

After Some Use I Thought I’d Review The Kindle Paperwhite

I want to just start out this review by saying that ever since the advent of e-readers several years ago, I have been a staunch advocate of sticking to reading real physical books. I love the touch and feel of real books and my initial thought was how could you possibly replace something so timeless with a computer? Although I still hope we never get to a point where books are no longer being physically printed, I stand before you today a convert. I recently was gifted the Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and have read several books off it over the past month and feel I now have an accurate basis to critique from.

Looking At The Economics

The Kindle Paperwhite is a bit of an investment upfront at $119 dollars as opposed to running to your local bookstore and purchasing a single physical book. However after shelling out for this initial cost purchasing the e-version of books tends to be significantly cheaper than buying a real copy. Especially if you are an avid reader a Kindle will actually end up being a much cheaper alternative in the long run and save you heaps of shelf space!


It’s One Super Portable Piece of Tech!

For those that travel frequently or are always on the go, the Paperwhite is the obvious reading option of choice. Measuring in at 6.7″ x 4.6″ x 0.36″ the Kindle is sleek and extremely easy to slip into a purse, backpack, or even a large coat pocket. I also enjoy the fact that it fits seamlessly into the palm of my hand and is so lite compared to many thick paperback books that can start to weigh your luggage down.


Not Bad On The Usability Front

The Kindle Paperwhite is for the most very easy to navigate, even for a newbie such as myself. My one qualm so far has been accidentally selecting citations when trying to skip to the next page and ending up the reference section at the back of the book. I currently live in a perpetually sunny area of the country so the non- glare feature was one of the biggest draws for me. I have a first generation Ipad that is a huge strain on the eyes when trying to sit outside and read, so the Kindle has been a great alternative. The Paperwhite uses digital ink technology, which makes the text appear crisp, sharp, and ads little to no strain for reader’s eyes.


A Decently Sexy Piece of Equipment

As far as the overall design and aesthetic of the Paperwhite, I really enjoy its sleek and low profile look. As mentioned before its very light and easily fits into one hand, allowing the reading to hold it for long periods of time without tiring and having to switch. This newest version of the Kindle also has an updated processor making it a much smoother transition between page swipes and operating the navigation menu. As the Paperwhite is my first e-reader I don’t have much to compare it to, but from all appearances the operations seems to be very fast and fluid. Amazon estimates the battery life lasting around an average of eight weeks. This obviously depends on usage per day, whether the wireless option is turned on, the light setting, etc. I have had to charge the battery a total of three times during the past eight weeks, at varying degrees of lighting and usage, so I think that estimate is a bit liberal.


Easy To Use Software

This newest version of the Paperwhite has many software updates and enhancements that lends itself to a much more interactive and streamlined reading experience. One of my favorite software features with the Paperwhite has to be the word look up. Instead of having to pull out a dictionary or opening up a separate page on my computer, I am able to simply tap the word in question and get a direct explanation. Another great item on the Kindle software is the scanning option that gives you varies options to view what location of the book you are in. I currently have mine set to display how much time I have left in the book, which gives me incentive to keep reading until I reach certain benchmarks. The majority of software features have been fairly intuitive to learn, even for an antsy reader like myself that skipped through all the tutorials. All in all I have been generally pleased with my overall Kindle software experience.

From what I have read if you have the Paperwhite from last year it’s probably not worth shelling out the money for this brand new version, as its virtually unchanged in terms of its hardware and design features. However if you are like me and have never owned an e-reader or have a bulkier Kindle Fire or tablet you have been using to read on, the Paperwhite is a great product and much more convenient than its tablet counterparts.

Get your own Kindle Paperwhite!

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


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