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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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Religion Archives

Analysis of the different religions and how they affect our day to day lives.

BYU Escalates to War Against Masturbation

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 4, 2014

BYU has serious fap issues and they need your help! Ahh college, that wonderful time in a young persons life to find themselves, meet new people, pursue educational interests, and fight the good fight against masturbation! The Mormon Universities Idaho…Read More

The Expect Attitude Guide To The Holy Bible

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 4, 2014

Just how many people have read the bible cover to cover? Do you believe in the bible? Did you know that 80% of US households have a bible in them? Would it surprise you that more people who are non-believers of the bible have read it cover to cover as you would…Read More

Removing All Religion From Court Ordered Recovery

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 30, 2014

Would our government ever force us to believe in a god? In today’s day and age, the separation of church and state has taken the spotlight as the tight grip of the Catholic Church starts to finally weaken the hold it’s had over the United States since its inception. It…Read More

Debunking The Near Death Experience (NDE)

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 29, 2014

Here we look at understanding the near death experience event. I would like to start this off by defining the Near Death Experience (NDE for short) for this articles sake as the witnessing of ones own self leaving their body and floating away or going through…Read More

Debunking The Scam Of Talking With The Dead

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 22, 2014

It’s time to take aim at a practice that needs to be eradicated. Sometimes a subject pops up that not only sends my BS radar to DEFCON 5, but it ends up affecting me or a loved one personally. Believe it or not and crazily enough, talking with the dead is one of…Read More