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Debunking The Near Death Experience (NDE)

Debunking The Near Death Experience (NDE)

Understanding The Near Death Experience Event

I would like to start this off by defining the Near Death Experience (NDE for short) for this articles sake as the witnessing of ones own self leaving their body and floating away or going through the tunnel of light. One in a New Age realm might call it the transformation of human state to spirit state. I straight up I do not believe in the near death experience, and using science would like to debunk it for everyone, especially those who have had such an experience and are looking at spending money on literature to try and learn more about it. We’ll also take aim at the folks that use this as a talking point when trying to prove an afterlife. Truth seekers, look no further!

In my short amount of time on this planet, I myself have had two of these experiences, and can completely identify with the vivid nature of these hallucinations and how someone without the understanding could read more into it. More on that later.

The real nuts and bolts of it all boils down to this scientific fact. Neuroscientists now know that an NDE is generated when normal brain function is disrupted and the brain is shutting down. When blood flow is cut off, the lack of oxygen sends the brain into a state of dementia with the result of complex hallucinations in the subjects mind. Think of it like eating some tabs of LSD, then crashing out for a long night of sleep.


Just How Do We Know This Is The Case?

In the late 1980’s, while testing combat fighter pilots in centrifuges, United States military doctors ran into a curious phenomena. While doing these tests, when the pilots would hit around 9 G’s or so, they would pass out, with 18 percent of them recalling vivid dreams similar to what NDE people describe when regaining consciousness. (Curious enough, around 18% of people remember their dreams each night…) Now, if the body being hit with 9G’s of force is not enough to make the brain panic and think death is-a-knockin, I’m really not entirely sure what is.

These pilots basically describe dreams, no different they what we all have each and every night. In dreams you often see people who have died, you fly, and all kinds of other neat shit. Now imagine coming back from almost dying, but having these dream memories. It’s a pretty easy connection to make and to see where the NDE idea comes from, especially when you sprinkle a little dose of religion on top of it. Is it really that hard to believe that a brain under extreme durass, like horrible injury or impending death would do something to make things a little bit easier to cope with? Is it a big leap to think the brain would try to pad the blow of death just a wee bit? Just stop for a moment to think about the amount of chemicals released by the body when dying.


Why Take Away My NDE Asshole?

Human beings are curious creatures always looking for answers. Some people are willing to settle for their religious beliefs as the answers to their questions. Others look to New Age hocus pocus. With religion and spirituality involved, you alway have someone somewhere looking to make a buck. When someone has an NDE, this means they have survived something traumatic. This makes them susceptible to paying money to find answers to their questions. There will always be someone willing to sell you an answer in the form of a book. This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. It’s taking advantage of people in a crappy situation.

I will boldly predict that as modern medicine gets better and better with each passing day, we are going to see more and more people coming out with their near death experience stories. We’ll need to learn a polite way to roll our eyes, no different then when the person you work next to every day starts to tell you about the dream they had last night. There is no real difference, except the fact of the circumstances in which they had that dream. Raise your hand if you like hearing about other peoples dreams… Yeah, that’s kinda what I thought.


Using NDE’s As Proof Of An Afterlife

fingers_touchingThe idea of this as acting proof of an afterlife and therefore a god of some sort is pretty laughable. A dream is a dream, no matter how you dress it up. Someone who argues this needs to understand the facts and science behind what is happening in an NDE event. If this dream is proof of a god, what about the dream I had last night where I got to bang Kate Upton? Is that proof that I’m some sort of bad ass stud? Do I get the epic Wilt Chamberlain sort of lines outside of my bedroom door now every night, red velvet line separators like you find outside Vegas nightclubs and all? Now serving woman number 324…

There are two different kinds of people in the NDE believers category (slash industry). Those who have experienced one and are looking for help with an explanation of what it means for them and someone who is looking to make money. Isn’t that always how it is? Many of the greats in the past like Harry Houdini looked to bring these charlatans to light, and i’m just continuing to carry that torch.


So What’s The Whole Point?

As time progresses, and people move away from organized religions and more into spirituality and the New Age genre, (it’s at least a start right?) we have more and more people writing lame books with their take on this subject. For some people, the simplicity of science and it’s infinite wisdom (see what i did there?) will just not be enough, and they need a higher power, especially in a time like death. Death is a scary thing, and the thought of that just being it for some is to much to bear. I just hate to see people throw away their good hard earned money.

As I mentioned earlier, I myself have had two NDE type events happen to me, but I wasn’t really close to death when they happened. The first happened when I was around 8 years old, and was riding my BMX bike on a dirt course the neighborhood kids had made in an empty lot a block or so from my house. I hit a jump, landed on my front tire and went over the handlebars. This is back in the good ol days when we didn’t wear any sort of safety equipment, especially helmets. When I landed on my head, I knocked myself unconscious. I was told I was out for about 2 minutes. While I was out, I had the most vivid dream of my mother reading me a story and tucking me into bed. When I awoke to find a group of kids all huddled over me, poking me with a stick I realized what had happened. I remember the feeling of going from my bed right after having my mother kiss my forehead to when i woke up laying in the dirt was such a weird instant transition and it felt so damn real.

The second happened when I was much older, and really allowed me to connect with someone who has had an NDE. I was 19 this time, and the proud owner of a 1988 Camaro Iroc-Z. I was sent by my dentist to a specialist to have my wisdom teeth extracted. This surgery was done to me while unconscious. I remember the doctor telling me to count down backwards from 10, and i don’t even think i made it to the number 7. The next thing I knew I was on a small sandy island with a couple coconut palm trees and my car. I felt like I was a balloon floating up, and as I looked down, I saw my red shiny car and myself standing next to it surrounded by nothing but ocean. I could hear the seagulls and smell the ocean air. I even felt the fucking wind on my face. When I finally woke up in the recovery room, had it been from a situation involving me almost losing my life, you would have had a hard time convincing me that wasn’t an NDE and that wasn’t me going to the afterlife. It truly felt like the real deal.

It wasn’t until recently when discussing this subject with a religious friend did I put the pieces together and realize that my 2 experiences are pretty close to what someone with an NDE must feel like, minus the scary trauma of almost losing your life. Those two dreams still stick with me today, all these years later. They were so life like they had smells, emotions, sounds, and a story, but they were just a dream. Just the brain dealing with being unconscious by force. Kinda neat to think that when your time finally comes, you get to go out trippin balls!

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


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