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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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Is a Victimless Crime Really a Crime? A Look At Prostitution

Is a Victimless Crime Really a Crime? A Look At Prostitution

Examining One Of The Worlds Oldest Professions

Over the last few decades here in America, peoples minds have been rapidly expanding and changing about a number of different social topics. One thing I don’t think gets enough attention and I believe high time it does, is prostitution and the ugly fact it is still illegal. Currently it is estimated that here in the US, there are over one million women acting as a prostitute in one way or another selling sex for money and only a few doing it legally. In many parts of the world the act of prostitution is legal and it was in the United States as well until around the turn of the 20th century. In 1910, most states decided to ban it after a push from different religious and political figures.

The late and great George Carlin once said “Why is it illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away?”. Currently the country is split 50/50 on whether or not prostitution should be legal. I think a big factor that is not taken into account in this subject and that could change that number is that illegal prostitution promotes violence against women.

“Why is it illegal to sell something that is perfectly legal to give away?”

With illegal prostitution you can find human rights violations, extreme danger for the women involved (including being raped, beaten and robbed), disease, exploitation and slavery. This is however, not an accurate portrait of the entire profession. In it’s current form though a prostitute cannot call the police if they run into problems because well, uh, hello? It’s illegal.


Doesn’t A Crime Need Some Sort Of Victim?

Now we’re not talking about or going to get into the sex trade or underage children being used. Those are horrible nightmares and not what this article is about. People involved in those sorts of activities should be locked up and the key lost while victims given whatever it is needed to begin the long hard road of healing. We are talking about the specific consensual agreement between two adults to exchange sexual acts for money. Consensual being the word in all caps and whatnot.

Let’s take a look at the different sides of prostitution, the girl, the John or person buying the service, and the pimp/madame. All three together make up the modern day business. Now, for something to be considered a crime, there has to be a victim, or a person who was wronged in one way or another because of said crime. Out of those 3 groups, there is no victim. I’m sorry if you disagree, but there’s just not. One might argue that the woman is the victim, but if you argue that, you missed that word up there I just used and said it was in caps and shit, CONSENSUAL. There, now it’s in all caps for you.


What Would Decriminalization & Regulation Accomplish?

For women involved, there are no safety nets for them if they should fall. Pimps or Madams act as muscle or that safety net for the girls, but many times often end up causing more problems. Pimps are sort of a necessary element when prostitution is against the law and a direct result of that simple fact. If you are an escort or prostitute and are getting roughed up by a John, a pimp could be the only saving grace. How can our society put a woman in that sort of position? Isn’t that just a bit twisted?

In some states prostitution related crimes are charged as felonies. With something like that on ones record, it makes getting a decent job next to impossible. Isn’t this dooming the girls into having to stay in the business to earn a decent living? And having Johns register as sex offenders? Same thing, good luck finding a job as a sex offender. On top of that, arrested Johns and prostitutes alike are embarrassed with their pictures being plastered in newspapers and online. They can even get their car confiscated if it was used in the “commission of a crime”. Hey, let’s just cut their achilles tendon while we’re at it and brand their forehead?

How about some numbers? In 2012, the state of Texas alone had over 350 women serving time on prostitution related charges for an annual charge to taxpayers of $6.5 million dollars. This figure does not include Johns. Oh, and of all those women serving time for turning tricks, how many of them do you think paid taxes on their earnings? hmmm… Isn’t this country in some sort of economic depression right now? Talk about making money appear out of thin air… I’m a god damn magician yo!

I’ve always been about less government regulation, but here is a rare time you’ll hear me say otherwise. When discussing legalizing something like prostitution, you would obviously need to have regulation, and who better to regulate then the federal government? (heheh snicker) Seriously though, looking at certain counties in Nevada where prostitution is fully legal and regulated, some very interesting facts really come to light that could very well change your mind if you are in the category that simply thinks this is a bad idea.


Holy Shit! You Can Make All That Bad Stuff Go Away!!

Nevada, the glorious state that caters to just about every vice a man or woman could have, has a few counties a bit outside of Las Vegas where prostitution is fully legal. Yes, I know I already typed that a bit earlier, but it bears repeating. Decriminalization means we could regulate the industry according to standard business codes. Remember all that bad shit I mentioned earlier about illegal prostitution and human rights violations, extreme danger for the women involved (including being raped, beaten, and robbed), disease, exploitation, and slavery? Yeah, so none of that in the counties in Nevada where it is legal and regulated by county commissioners.

What you exclaim?!? Yeah, that’s right. With decriminalization, you take away the human rights violations, the exploitation, the pimps and the slavery. With regulation you take away the danger and disease. In Nevada, girls get frequent medical exams and are tested weekly for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and given a physical. They are tested for AIDS monthly. To date, there has never been a reported case of AIDS in the legal brothels. I don’t think the streets can boast that claim. Johns are required to wear condoms and are given an inspection before the fun begins. In a relaxed and controlled environment like a legal brothel with modern security features safety is no longer an issue. Girls work as independent contractors, pay taxes, and get to keep much more of their hard earned money (No pun intended). So where’s the down side? Where’s that victim?


Prostitution is Really Just A Moral Issue And Nothing More

expect_attitude_prostitution2Let’s be real. Where there is a want and a need, there will be people there to fill it illegal or not. At the end of the day I’m all about freedom of choice and safety for people as they go about their life from laws that make a little bit of sense. This isn’t about something you think is right or wrong, but rather a question of freedom and safety. It really is, that is how you have to look at it. Your personal morals or where you personally draw a line doesn’t matter when other peoples wellbeing is at risk.

Should there be laws to stop us from taking a job we have chosen to do that do not hurt anybody? Should we have the right to stop someone from spending their money on something you personally don’t deem moral? A woman owns her own body, and has the choice to do with it what she wants. The constitution allows for the pursuit of happyness. It could even be argued that the right to privacy extends to exchange of money for sexual services. Shit, it is so hard to focus with that image on the left…

The idea of the government intruding into the privacy of the bedroom and arresting and imprisoning people because of consensual adult sexual acts is contrary to that purpose of limited government and is fucking crazy. With prostitution you’re not buying the girl, you’re buying her service. The way it needs to be viewed is that prostitution can equal companionship. Physical intimacy is as much a need for a normal healthy adult as is food or water. Make it legal and safe for those who want it and are involved. That’s what so great about this country… If you don’t like it, just don’t do it.

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!


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