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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | December 14, 2017

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The Hypocrisy of Religion in Modern Society

The Hypocrisy of Religion in Modern Society

Time To Look At Modern Catholics and Christians

If you have ever lived in or been to a church in a suburban community you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. That snobbery as though each person was holier than thou, the judging that happens when out in the parking lot after a service, the aura of inflated ego making everyone a metaphoric boy in the bubble. This group of church going people get me more hot headed than any other group, and the time is ripe to rip them a new one. I’m looking at you Christians and Catholics. Just what the fuck are you guys doing? You’re fecal odors are by far worse than anyone elses! I think it’s time to flush that shit right down…

Having spent more than half of my life attending both Catholic and Christian services, I have found that this group of people are more loaded with hypocrisy than any other I have ever come across. Of course this is all based off of my personal experiences, and I’m sure other groups are just as bad, but I can only speak of this community personally. Looking at what the bible and what the sermons actually preach, and then witnessing first hand the behavior of the individuals practicing it over the years to me has become a hilarious joke. Let me tell you about some of the hypocrisy I have seen myself…


Most Religious Practitioners Don’t Practice What They Preach

My problem with these people is that they are hypocrites. On Sunday for a few hours, they act one way, and the rest of the week act normal. The root of both Catholicism and Christianity lie in followers always obeying the 10 commandments to avoid an eternity in hell with damnation and hellfire. Along with the 10 commandments comes the bible, filled with all it’s teachings for people to follow. The rules are pretty simple, but for the congregation, it seems difficult to live by. In these suburbs, the biggest sin I saw broken almost daily is the sin of adultery.

Back in the days when I was married, my ex, who was highly “religious”, and I attended a Christian church in Glendale, AZ. In the lobby of the church was a coffee shop and separate gift shop. (Remember the story of Jesus attacking the merchants at the temple and flipping out about it?) Anyway moving on, throughout the week we hung out with a group of people from there. I’m not exaggerating when I say that 90% of the couples were having affairs on each other, including my ex whom I caught several separate times before our divorce. Yet these people would attend church each and every Sunday as though nothing was wrong and they were perfect. Many Christians would be surprised to find out that according to the bible, the act of divorce itself is punishable by death. A funny observation to me is that the divorce rate among Catholics and Christians is almost the same to the national divorce rate of 50%. Dumb-asses.

I currently live in a very religious hispanic area just outside of downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The Mexicans here are so religious that the grocery stores and Walmart even have entire aisles devoted to votive candles. Drug related violence, robbery, and burglary are commonplace around here. Gangbangers can be seen sporting tattoos of the rosary, the Catholic symbol of Mary, and more similar ink. Mexican drug cartels kill in some of the most horrendous ways you’ll ever see. Dead gang leaders have massive air conditioned walk in tombs in the cemeteries here in the area, as well as in Mexico. The violence is celebrated in their music. But wait a second, I thought that murder and thievery were against the 10 commandments? If you are going to claim a religion and its system of beliefs, you have to live by it, otherwise, you’re a hypocrite. Oh well fuck it, back to the drawing board I guess.


It Starts At The Leadership Level

It’s been already shown that people like Mother Teresa and the molesting Catholic Priests are all fucked up and hypocritical in their own way, so should it be any surprise that followers of theirs would be the same? Mother Teresa was described as a fraud, a fanatic, and a fundamentalist by the late and great Christopher Hitchens. She was corrupt and cruel and promoted suffering and pain of the people she “helped”. The Catholic Diocese has had lots of problems with their priests getting busted playing with the kids in the congregation, and I’m not talking about building with lincoln logs sort of playing. This all goes against what this religion is supposed to stand for. At least Mother Teresa was following the old testament sort of thinking I suppose, but is that anyway that sick and dying people should be treated?

Living your life by following a set of moral codes and being good to people doesn’t have to come in the form of Religion. But acting in a way opposite as to what you “believe in” or claim just makes you look stupid. Being good can come from just wanting to be a better person. The original purpose of Religion was to allow a few individuals to control large populations using fear tactics and the threat of a god. This premise of Religion has now morphed into the modern era and now more operates as a means to make money then it does anything else.


Modern Day Religion is Simply A Business

A modern church is no different than any big-box retailer you may go to get the shit you need everyday, except that they are a lot more expensive. Most churches ask their members to give or “tithe” 10% of the money they make to the church in exchange for “spiritual enlightenment”. Talk about nothing for something… I bet Walmart would love to do that. The church has bills to pay and payroll to meet. That’s the way it is. It’s America… Go out and find a way to make money. The problems lies in their teachings and the bible itself which are just loaded with hypocrisies. To me the kicker is that in most groups or clubs, if you break the rules, you get kicked out. The church though, because it is in fact a business, just allows you to ask for forgiveness and with a wave of the wand it all goes away. What’s the point for the church to even have rules then? It’s the ultimate hypocrisy!

To not be involved in Religion doesn’t make you a bad person, just as being involved with Religion doesn’t make you a good person. It is your actions that determine who you are and how you are perceived. Joining a religious group is mainly for peoples ego and image and a lot of the people in these groups just don’t practice what they preach. To claim a religious group and then not follow what that group teaches has become the norm, and until that layer of hypocrisy peels, I’m always going to thumb my nose at these sorts of dicks. The hypocrites with the superiority complex. You all know who you are… So here’s a big middle finger and an even bigger fuck you from my group to yours!

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. If one wants quantity (many followers), then one must sacrifice quality (sincerity). This is the problem of all ‘institutionalised’ or ‘politicised’ religions, where the desire to recruit followers (based on ulterior motives) outweighs sincere philosophical/theological inquiry.

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