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Astronomers Believe They Found Evidence Of Big Bang

Astronomers Believe They Found Evidence Of Big Bang

Proof Found Supporting Cosmic Inflation Theory

In what could be described as a landmark discovery and major breakthrough in the understanding of our origins, a team of astronomers led by John Kovac, of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, announced that they have found what could be considered a “smoking gun” for the theory of the Big Bang. A lot of this shit gets really complex and being as though most of it is out of my realm of complete understanding, I’m going to just try and sum it up for you all the best I can.

After concluding a project lasting years and years, these researchers have detected what they describe as ripples from gravitational waves created from a violent inflationary event at the very dawn of time. In essence, these ripples are caused by a violent and instant explosion of a single atom. The explosion was so powerful it left these ripples that are visible in specific light patterns in the fabric of the cosmos. Scientists call this cosmic inflation but we all know as the Big Bang theory. The ripples are lingering proof this event happened. From here, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities and questions, and that is the nature and beauty of science and discovery.

For a more in-depth understanding, check out this cool video from




Time For My Observational Humor

Here is one thing that cracks me up about the whole evolution versus creation debate and how this discovery ties into it. While scientists and researchers are out there actively searching out evidence and proof of the theories they have, creationists just look in their book and twiddle their thumbs repeating the same arguments over and over. It’s just crazy when you look at the idea of these people and their unwillingness to budge, even when constantly smacked in the face with proof. The concept of science is to go where the evidence and proof lead you. You can’t just make shit up and then expect it to hold true. The universe and the stars, galaxies, planets and everything else that it consists of are constantly evolving, just like life on Earth has. Everything is just one big chaotic evolution.

We know very little as a species. But what we do know, we don’t classify it as knowledge until we can prove it. Religion allows people to circumvent this process while adding their noise to an already complicated puzzle. I hate to tie a discovery as great as something like this to religion, but it is hard not to. Religion has so intertwined itself into how we became to be that discoveries like this can’t help but contradict the beliefs of old. The more we discover, the more the religious folk dig in their heels and quite frankly it’s getting a bit tiring. What will be next? A public debate between the Big Bang vs. Genesis? Will there ever be an end?

Why should we have to argue true knowledge against 2000 year old myths? It’s just so mind numbingly painful. The more science continues to prove the more difficult it will be for religion to maintain its tight grip over society. Major discoveries like this are just the beginning as our technology continues to improve. Who knows what we will classify as knowledge 50 years from now, but I love the present course we are on. And no matter the results, I am willing to accept whatever the process of discovery reveals. So let it continue… Rev up them engines. Captain to the bridge please, and full speed ahead!

What do you think? We’d love to hear you sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Great read! Reminded me of this video though, I had to share :) haha

    • Expect Attitude Staff

      Hey there Cody! I hadn’t seen that before. That’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing!!

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