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Dealing With Organ Shortages In The US

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 18, 2014

Here in the United States, every two hours three people die while waiting for a kidney transplant. The list of donors doesn’t even come close to fulfilling the amount of people currently on waiting lists for a new one. A disturbing fact I found is that 84% of the…Read More

The Rising Popularity Of Atheism In America

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 16, 2014

More and more people in the United States are shedding their faith of fairy tales and embracing a life of atheism and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. After all religion is responsible for some of the most horrific acts of violence the planet has ever…Read More

It’s Time To Debunk Astrology & Horoscopes

By: Chris Munzenrider | March 1, 2014

Sometimes smart people fall for old school tricks. The idea of knowing your future is a powerful thing. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to know what lies ahead for them in life, relationships, in work, and more? When making an important life decision…Read More

Clergy Leaders Who Lost Faith Have A New Way Out

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 20, 2014

Clergy who don’t believe the fairy tales are screwed. Imagine the difficulty of being a leader in the Catholic church or a Christian ministry and then finding the power in science, truth, reason and logic. You have spent your entire life devoted to and studying…Read More

Seeking Out The Truth Behind GMO Food Myths

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 18, 2014

Are genetically modified foods really bad for you? There’s been so much negative hype lately behind GE (Genetically Engineered) foods and whether or not they are good or bad for you. Everywhere you look it’s all about good organic this and bad GMO…Read More

Why I’m Proud To Consider Myself An Atheist

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 11, 2014

For some salvation lives in the truth and what can be proved. Everyone has an interesting story behind how they got to where their current beliefs are structured. Some believe in a god, and some do not. The number that do not is rapidly rising in the ranks as more and…Read More

E-Cigarettes As An Alternative To Smoking

By: Chris Munzenrider | February 8, 2014

Vapor cigarettes now offer a decent alternative to smokers. I myself am a smoker. Been smoking a long time and I’ve never been ashamed by it, and I really enjoy every different aspect of smoking. Not just the nicotine itself, but the taste, the experience, the…Read More

BYU Escalates to War Against Masturbation

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 4, 2014

BYU has serious fap issues and they need your help! Ahh college, that wonderful time in a young persons life to find themselves, meet new people, pursue educational interests, and fight the good fight against masturbation! The Mormon Universities Idaho…Read More

Removing All Religion From Court Ordered Recovery

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 30, 2014

Would our government ever force us to believe in a god? In today’s day and age, the separation of church and state has taken the spotlight as the tight grip of the Catholic Church starts to finally weaken the hold it’s had over the United States since its inception. It…Read More

Legalizing Marijuana: The Dominoes Keep Falling

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 28, 2014

Every day that passes full legalization gets nearer. Hop into my DeLorean and take a journey with me. I’ve got the flux capacitor all set, and the needed 1.21 gigawatts. We’re gonna travel back to the year 1992. I was a junior in high school and Dr. Dre had just…Read More

Is a Victimless Crime Really a Crime? A Look At Prostitution

By: Chris Munzenrider | January 26, 2014

Let’s take a look at one of the worlds oldest professions. Over the last few decades here in America, peoples minds have been rapidly expanding and changing about a number of different social topics. One thing I don’t think gets enough attention and I…Read More