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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

expect_attitude_faqI Was Wondering…?

If you have a question that you don’t see address here in this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If enough people ask the same question, then we add it here. See how that works? Pretty nifty huh? We’re always here to help!


Questions of the General Type:

Are you guys for real?

Yes, last time we checked we were real… Flesh, blood, bones, the whole 9 yards.

Our opinions are just that. Do you have one on something you’de like to share with us and the world? Write a Letter to the Editor, or author an article for us.

Do you guys have anything for sale with your logo on it?

Not quite yet. We are working on putting together a store that will have all kinds of cool shit for you to enjoy and help pimp us. We’ll be posting about it as we get closer to launching it so follow our Twitter and subscribe to the site in the lower right corner of your screen to be the first to find out!

How can I write for Expect Attitude?

We are always looking to add new talented writers to the crew. Do you have a unique perspective on life and always find yourself with a take on every subject thrown your way? Do you find you have a little bit of an attitude? Just maybe you’d fit in. To find out, please visit here.

When was this website started?

The idea for Expect Attitude was hatched way back in 2006 by site founder Chris Munzenrider. It wasn’t until other quality authors and co-founders could be found that the site could become a reality. The site was finally launched in late 2013.

Who are you guys affiliated with?

This is an easy one… We are affiliated with no one. Expect Attitude is completely independently owned and operated and has no affiliation with any political parties, businesses, or factions of any kind in any way shape or form whatsoever. End of story.

Questions About Leaving Comments:

What are the guidelines for posting comments?

The community guidelines can be found here. The following sums it up pretty well though… “Just don’t be a dick!”

Why are links I create just refreshing the page?

When you create a link in a comment, you need to make sure you use a full URL, including the http:// on the front. If you don’t, your link will simply refresh the page because it is trying to open that link within our site, and that won’t work.

Why hasn’t my comment shown up yet?

The very first time you post a comment to an article, it has to pass through a human controlled moderation process. Once one of our moderators has made sure your comment has not broken any of the rules, it will be approved and posted.

Once you have an approved comment, your comments will no longer be moderated. However, if you are ever caught breaking the rules, you will face the consequences.

Questions About Articles:

How do I get in contact with an articles author?

The fastest way to ask an author a question regarding one of their articles is to post a comment on the particular article. Otherwise, you can get in contact with them through the authors bio page. Click on their name while browsing one of their articles to get there. You will also find their Twitter, Facebook, or any other methods they have chosen to display.

I have a great idea for a story topic. How can I let you know?

We always love to hear your ideas for stories you’d like to see on Expect Attitude. You can let us know by using the Suggest a Story form found here. You can also write and submit a letter to the editor in regards to a story you saw published on the site.

If you have a hot and juicy news tip, please go here.

Who does the research for the articles?

Expect Attitude article authors are responsible for their own research. Maybe someday we can have a team of researchers, but until then… [cracking whip sounds]


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