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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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expect_attitude_contact_usPlease select a reason for contacting us below. For example, if you have a suggestion about something on our site, select “Feedback”. If you have a scoop on a story, choose “News Tips.” Once you select a topic, you’ll be able to contact the best person to help.


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If you just have a quick question for us make your way over here.


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Do you have a news tip, firsthand account, information or photos about a piping hot news story to pass along to our editors? We want to hear it.

Please do not submit any kind of celebrity gossip. We’re not into that sort of reporting.


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Contact us to pitch an idea for an article for one of our authors. We’re down for whatever.


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We always love to hear your thoughts about the site good or bad. Your feedback makes us and the website better for everyone and we’ll never improve without it.


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We’re only human and we sometimes make mistakes. Let us know if you see any errors, mistakes, typos, or information that needs correcting.


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Please go here if you are a member of the press seeking information about Expect Attitude.

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