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Expect Attitude - Walking On The Fine Line Since 2012 | February 19, 2018

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About The Author: Shelby Hawkins

Shelby Hawkins

Shelby Hawkins

Shelby is a native of Seattle, Washington and a big Seahawks fan. She is a world traveler and has been to many different places. A professional writer by trade writing for a media firm in Phoenix, AZ.

Articles By: Shelby Hawkins

I’m So Sad Fred Phelps Is Dead! … Said No One Ever

By: Shelby Hawkins | March 22, 2014 | One Comment

Notorious leader of the Westboro Baptist Church Fred Phelps has died this past week. The group has gained much exposure over the years, but what kind of legacy will Fred leave behind as his church marches forward with their backwards belief system? Read More

Arizona Dodges Bullet and Vetoes Discrimination Bill

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 27, 2014

Arizona, state of the Grand Canyon, endless summer days, and where wide roads and narrow minds coincide. Once again playing into the stereotype of being a gun toting, immigrant hating, overly conservative playground for the culturally ignorant…Read More

House of Cards Season 2 – Nice Guys Finish Last

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 18, 2014

The much awaited Season 2 of House of Cards has arrived on Netflix’s and is leaving many curious about the true nature of real life political dealings in our countries capital. How many Frank Underwoods exist behind the closed doors of congressional offices? Read More

Importance of Science Education

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 13, 2014

At the root of the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham debate we are faced with a question of what to teach our kids in school. Do we include both the scientifically sound and religious based faith viewpoint or just stick with the facts? Lets explore the implications of Ken Ham…Read More

Mother Russia – Hatin’ on the Gays

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 12, 2014

The Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia are just getting underway but the legendary event has been generating its fair share of stories outside of the sports world long before the games ever began. Aside from the less than ideal facility conditions athletes and…Read More

Taking A Look At The One And Only Kindle Paperwhite

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 6, 2014

After some use I thought I’d review the Kindle Paperwhite. I want to just start out this review by saying that ever since the advent of e-readers several years ago, I have been a staunch advocate of sticking to reading real physical books. I love the touch and…Read More

BYU Escalates to War Against Masturbation

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 4, 2014

BYU has serious fap issues and they need your help! Ahh college, that wonderful time in a young persons life to find themselves, meet new people, pursue educational interests, and fight the good fight against masturbation! The Mormon Universities Idaho…Read More

The Internet Disillusionment: Snobbery or Enlightenment?

By: Shelby Hawkins | February 1, 2014

I think we’ve all seen those occasional announcements on our Facebook feeds more or less stating “it’s not you it’s me” or the why I’m leaving Facebook laundry list. Reasons for leaving are varied from feeling like it’s a waste of time, to consciously…Read More